Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday reading

I got Outi Heiskanen's Tehtävä Suomessa on interlibrary loan, although in that frustrating version that only allows access to the book inside the library. So I spent my Sunday afternoon  in the library, reading about Finland in films by non-Finns, such as Helsinki playing Moscow or St Petersburg during the Cold War.*

In an aside I discovered a cool fact: the necklace worn by Princess Leia in A New Hope was from a collection by a Finnish designer, Björn Weckström.

*To my shame (?) I've never seen Reds, one of the more famous examples. but quite aside from the whole Finland-in-disguise- aspect, it would be a delicious little research project for someone with a penchant for historical film: It's based on a book by Robert Rosenstone, after all...


  1. it's random facts such as these that should make their way into pub quizes.

  2. Quite! Of course, they might do. I don't go to pubs so I don't know. :-)