Sunday, July 11, 2010

...and "action"!

I'm sorting through references and notes, moving things around, changing the structure, looking at all the chapters at the same time and feeling a strange sort of buzz. This is going to get done, not now or next week, but it will be done. And it's exciting.

Even so, I'd much rather the whole writing process could just be replaced with a an action-packed writing montage. Set to It's a Kind of Magic.


One dream one soul one prize one goal
One golden glance of what should be
Its a kind of magic
The rage that lasts a thousand years
Will soon be done


  1. I love Zotero, and it's made referencing more fun, but what do I need to do to get my magic hands super-colour beam plugin? ;)

  2. When you can pull off a cape like that, I think the magic hands take care of themselves :-)