Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordle Count

I'm clobbering together my last chapter, after which I get into exciting and terrifying intro/conclusion/rewriting- territory. To try to get a slightly different perspective on the whole thing I thought I'd Wordle my thesis. So here it is, a word cloud of a work in progress.

...and, because I am nothing if not thorough (read: a procrastinator), a breakdown by chapter:

Chapter 1

It's a bit of a shame Wordle doesn't distinguish between variations of the same word, but I do like the slightly manic effect of repeating "film(s)" in this one. This chapter is part of the theoretical framework, focusing on auteur theory. And films.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 is also theoretical, with a focus on (Finnish) national identity narratives. Could you guess?

Chapter 3

Wordle may not be a scientific tool or anything, but it does suggest my chapter on Drifting Clouds lacks focus. I think Wordle may be in cahoots with my supervisor.

Chapter 4
What you probably can't tell is that there are three words listed in that 'g' in the big 'nostalgia'. They are 'poor', 'kind' and 'able'. Accidental poetry.

Chapter 5

This chapter is a swift kick in the butt away from being ready to send off for comments. It's about city, space and... oh yes, film.

What does your thesis cloud look like?


  1. Hello! I saw your blog listed on the Thesis Whisperer, and came to have a look. I like the idea of wordle-ing your thesis. I think it does give a lot of perspective. I'm no where near as close to finishing as you are - but considering my current lack of understanding of how mine while be a coherent whole - I might just try this with what I've got so far!

    Hope it all goes well :)

  2. here is one i did of the paper i'm writing:

  3. Hello, and thanks for participating! I'm still working on the coherence-aspect of mine...