Thursday, August 5, 2010

En Garde!

I'm doing some final preparations for tomorrow's tutorials - I'm teaching again this semester, and following a year's worth of not-teaching it feels a bit weird. The feeling isn't helped by the fact that I'll be teaching in the Social Sciences building. I'll be on unfamiliar terrain, beyond the car park!

The unit is called "Other Places, Other Times: Fantasy, Fairy Tale and Childhood in European Culture". We'll start off with personal experiences of fairy tales and move on to more theoretical stuff: it should be fun, what with everyone having been brought up with some stories and having something vested in their reading. I'm the eldest of three (not three girls, but close enough), and remember always feeling quite annoyed at the fact that in fairy tales the older sisters were always the mean, nasty, ugly ones. If anyone knows of a fairy tale where the eldest sister is actually a nice person, let me know. It may come in handy for personal catharsis.

In other news, there is a national fencing competition on this weekend in Perth. Ben's competing in the epee on Saturday, and we'll be there pretty much the entire weekend. If anyone wants to see some fencing action, or to seek us out in the corner of the gym to say hello, it's  at the Kingsway International Sports Stadium in Madeley.

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