Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Academic Bookstore in Helsinki

Now, you may know that I think books are overrated. I like books, certainly, and am likely to spend a fair bit of time in bookshops, but the same applies to homeware stores and cafes. However, there is one bookstore, the mother of them all, that I could live in (also because it has a cafe). The few occasions I have the chance to visit leave me with a little bit more hope and thrill about the world.

That magical place is the Academic Bookstore in the middle of Helsinki. Here are some photos to give you an idea as to why this store is da bomb. Or whatever it is that the kids are saying these days.

This is a mainstream bookstore in Helsinki. Not France, Germany or Spain. Yet you can get Kristeva in the original. German graphic novels. Children's literature in at least five languages. And not just that you can get them, but that there are whole sections dedicated to them.


 Here's a special treat from the History section for my UWA peeps. Notice anything interesting?


  1. I really really enjoy populist or mainstream bookshops which retain the necessary variety to be loved (sorry for a really convoluted comment, really tired, I THINK it's easy enough to get the gist of...)

  2. drool, drool, ahem, drool.